Home remedies to lower cholesterol

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An excess of bad cholesterol in the blood greatly increases the risk of contracting diseases that affect the heart or suffering from diabetes. This type of cholesterol can cause blockage of blood circulation and have very serious consequences on the normal functioning of vital organs. That is why it is essential to maintain their regulated levels and take care of ourselves through healthy lifestyle habits. In addition, it is always useful to know what products or natural foods can help us and in the following article of a How we present some home remedies to lower cholesterol.

Steps to follow:

1. Oat water

A good home remedy to lower cholesterol is to consume oatmeal water. The fiber contained in this cereal is easily processed by the body and slows down the process of absorption of fats and sugars from ingested food. That is why it allows you to regulate blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

2. Olive oil

In addition to being excellent for good heart health, olive oil has a very beneficial effect in the fight against cholesterol. This is because, apart from lowering bad cholesterol, it contributes to the increase in good cholesterol. Taking two tablespoons of olive oil is ideal and a good home remedy to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Natural juices

There are certain fruits that are very healthy and contain antioxidant active ingredients and properties that help reduce blood cholesterol. Therefore, drinking natural juices made with these fruits is one of the best home remedies you can turn to. Among all, we highlight apple juice, pomegranate juice, pineapple and grape juice and lemon and ginger juice.

4. Artichoke

Among the foods most suitable for lowering cholesterol are artichoke, a vegetable with a low caloric content and high levels of fiber. Its acids favor the reduction of bad cholesterol and the decrease in blood pressure, so do not hesitate to include this vegetable in your daily diet. An artichoke-based home remedy is to prepare an infusion with two leaves of this, let them boil in water for 15 minutes, strain the resulting liquid and take it.

5. Dandelion

Another great home remedy to lower cholesterol is to take advantage of the benefits of some medicinal plants such as dandelion. It helps eliminate toxins from the body, regulate high levels of cholesterol and uric acid. It is important to know how this plant can be consumed (infusion, juices, capsules, etc.) and if it is indicated for your state of health.

6. White tea

Due to the catechins it contains, an antioxidant from the flavonoid family, white tea is an ideal option to regulate cholesterol, helping to reduce the bad and raise the good. In addition, it is beneficial in the treatment of high and low blood pressure, since it allows regulating arterial function and blood circulation.

7. Omega 3

There are 100% natural Omega 3 supplements and extracts on the market that can help control cholesterol levels and lower triglyceride levels.

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