Why is the “Cruelty Free Makeup” trend so Significant?

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We live in an age of innovation and growth. However, we’re also in a time where environmental concerns, natural and animal-friendly products, and preservation have become a lot more critical than in previous years.
Unfortunately, the cosmetics and beauty industry still ignore innovative solutions, statistical facts, and eco-friendly movements in favor of cheap trials. That’s the nature of animal testing, and even in 2020, it’s still a huge problem. In fact, the number of animals dying from unethical lab experiments goes well into the hundreds of millions per year.
Cruelty-free goes back as far as 1959 when Lady Dowding started to persuade manufacturers to use fake instead of real animal fur. However, in recent years the concept has become more popular, spawning the trends we see today.
What is this trend, what are the benefits, and why is it important? These are questions you might be asking yourself even as you apply your scented cream that killed several thousand little rabbits during testing.
Let’s take a more in-depth look at this and why you should consider going cruelty-free.

What Is the “Cruelty-Free Makeup” Trend?

The trend focuses on the principle of “cruelty-free” products. In other words, consumers are choosing cosmetics and products that haven’t been tested on animals.
It doesn’t just apply to the final product – to be completely cruelty-free, none of the ingredients used in the product can be tested on animals, either. Some companies have gone so far as to exclude all products, such as beeswax, making them entirely vegan.
Essentially, the cruelty-free makeup trend means buying products that don’t involve harming animals in any way. There are many reasons why it’s a significant trend, and it can help make positive changes to our environment, health, and how we shop. Let’s look at a few reasons why this trend is so important.

Animal Testing Is (pointless) Animal Cruelty

Many testing laboratories don’t pay much attention to the care and comfort of their animals. They’re often kept in small cages and horrible conditions, and the experiments themselves are incredibly cruel. They’re basically tortured, blinded, burned, maimed, and poisoned.
More than 115 million animals are subjected to and killed by these painful tests every year.
Here’s a shocking fact: these tests don’t work. In fact, many drugs and cosmetics approved for human use after animal experimentation turn out to be harmful or even lethal. Just because it works on a dog or cat doesn’t mean that it’ll be right for you. This fact alone makes this kind of testing pointless.
Unlike pets, lab animals aren’t protected by any animal abuse or cruelty laws, either. Mice, bunnies, dogs, cats, chimps, and other lab creatures have nothing to defend them against abuse.
In fact, in 2013, almost 70,000 dogs (primarily beagles), and just over 24,000 cats were used for tests in the United States alone.

There Are Alternative Testing Methods

As we’ve already mentioned, testing on animals can be extremely ineffective. Why do brands keep on using this method, then? In short, it’s cheap, and because it’s been a common practice for so long, it’s also more accessible.
There are several more effective alternative testing methods. For example, some brands have chosen to do in-vitro testing, while others use cultured or grown human tissue.
Why is testing necessary at all, though? There are more than 7,000 ingredients that have been proven to be safe for human use. However, many companies insist on trying to find new additives – which, unfortunately, means more trials.
Thankfully, many countries have started to force these brands to stop testing on animals. In fact, the EU, India, Israel, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, and South Korea have banned this unethical and pointless practice.

It’s Healthier, Eco-Friendly, and Encourages Mindful Shopping

There’s a lot of health benefits that come with going cruelty-free. These brands use chemicals that aren’t as toxic or harmful, which is a big bonus. Our skin is extremely absorbent. Using more natural lotions, fragrances, and cosmetics means fewer of those poisonous additives make their way into your system.
There are also many environmental benefits.
For example, these products often use ingredients that are far less damaging to the environment. Animal testing labs also generate a massive amount of trash, from excrement and carcasses to chemical runoff. One lab can create a shocking 12 tons of waste annually.
As you change what you buy, you’ll also find yourself changing how you buy. Instead of grabbing any item off the shelf, you’ll start putting a lot more thought into what purchases you’re making.
Not only will you be shopping more responsibly, but you’ll likely also buy less. That means less waste and minimal pollution. In a way, you’ll be contributing to the preservation of your environment.

Brands Are Choosing Cruelty-Free Methods

Choosing a cruelty-free makeup brand is a lot easier than you think. There are well over 100 brands that have been certified by PETA or Leaping Bunny as animal-friendly. Even a few of the big-name brands are jumping on the bandwagon.
If consumers keep choosing cruelty-free brands over other cosmetic companies, this trend will continue to grow.

How to Check Brand Status

If you’d like to buy cruelty-free products, but you’re unsure about a brand, there are ways to check. Several online search tools, including one from PETA, will help you determine whether a brand is one of these.
If you’re ready to commit to buying cruelty-free, always double-check the brand to make sure they use responsible and ethical production methods.

Final Word

Will we ever be able to get rid of animal testing completely? Possibly. There have been many heated debates amongst experts in the industry, expressing whether it’s a logical – or profitable – move to make.
If you want to make a positive impact on your environment and health, choosing cruelty-free products is a way to do just that. Whether companies will adapt is another matter. Remember to choose your brands carefully and keep an eye out for animal-friendly certifications and badges.
By making that small choice, you can add your voice to the others who are using cruelty-free makeup and cosmetic trends to oppose unethical animal testing.

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