Is it good to drink coffee to study? – here is the answer

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Students, especially when exams approach, tend to spend many sleepless nights to study all the agendas. A situation in which it is common for them to resort to taking certain products that keep them awake, such as cola or coffee because of its caffeine content.

Much has been debated about the convenience or not and the benefits or disadvantages of drinking coffee when you are studying because, sometimes, you can experience the opposite effect and hinder learning. A situation that leads many students to wonder if it is good to drink coffee to study.

The relationship of drinking coffee with learning

Coffee and components such as caffeine have been widely studied in relation to learning through different investigations, which have revealed that it is good to take it to study. In fact, it has been shown that it helps to memorize after having spent a period of 24 hours after its consumption. In this way, it is clear that coffee improves long-term memory.

This benefit is achieved by just having a cup of coffee daily, provided it contains 200 milligrams of caffeine. An amount that is sufficient to act producing norepinephrine in the body, which is a chemical neurotransmitter that actively participates in the formation of memories.

The advantages of drinking coffee to study

In addition to the positive effect that various studies on coffee and learning have shown, there are still more advantages of consuming it.

  • It helps to stay awake: coffee helps the student to sleep without more time because the caffeine wakes up, making it difficult for you to fall asleep and enter a state of sleepiness. This effect occurs because adenosine, which is the molecule that acts in sleep processes, is neutralized. In addition, you will also notice a less tired feeling and that you are livelier because coffee keeps sadness and depression away.
  • Improves attention span: it improves you when you drink coffee because caffeine activates the brain. In this way, you can focus more on the information or agenda that you must learn.
  • It helps to process the information better: the content of the subject or agenda is also better processed with coffee by the stimulation that occurs from the mind. Several studies have even shown that a person who drinks a cup of coffee has a greater ability to detect grammatical errors or inaccuracies when reading a text quickly. Another reason for you to take it.

The disadvantages of drinking coffee to study

Although having coffee has advantages to study, we must not forget that it also has a series of drawbacks that, in general, are related to poor consumption.

In fact, drinking too much coffee is not good. Moreover, it can produce the opposite effect and hinder learning and attention span. And it is that a high consumption of caffeine is possible that derives in a state of anxiety and nervousness that prevents you from concentrating.

In addition, drinking too much coffee leads in turn to episodes of insomnia. And this is especially worrisome because the brain, in order to process information and everything learned, needs to rest and sleep properly. Otherwise, it will do no good to have taken caffeine.

The right amount of coffee to study

As there are advantages and disadvantages, the question arises whether it is really good to drink coffee to study. The key to answering the question of whether it is good to drink coffee to study is the amount of cups that can be consumed to take advantage of its benefits and avoid unwanted effects.

Various neuroscientific research have determined that the recommended amount is two or three cups of coffee a day. However, everything will depend on the person because, if you tend to get nervous for exams, it is better to reduce intake and not drink more than one or two cups. In any case, it is never recommended to exceed 400 milligrams of caffeine.

With these keys we hope you have answer of your question of whether it is good to drink coffee to study. We always recommend that you study every day and plan your study time well so that you get a good performance. Before drinking caffeine, coffee or any other beverage or product that contains it and allows you to stay awake, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

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