I’ve discovered something really cool the last time I was at my local CVS Pharmacy® store that I wanted to share with everyone! They have something called a CarePass® Program which gets you really cool discounts, free 1-2 day shipping, free same-day Rx delivery, and more.

The best part is that your first month is ABSOLUTELY FREE. After your free trial it’s only $5/month thereafter.

All I had to do was log into my CVS.com account and link to my ExtraCare account (free and easy sign up if you haven’t already).

(See–completely free!)

Every month I get a new $10 promo reward to spend at CVS Pharmacy®. That’s online, in store, even on the app. Plus, Shipping on CVS.com is free when at least one CarePass eligible item is added to an online basket as well as 20% off CVS Health items every day.

20% off CVS Health Brand and Live Better Products everyday with your CarePass Membership

And guys, their App is so easy to use.



So the next time you drive by your neighborhood CVS Pharmacy and wonder if you should drop by…do it! And get your discounts while you’re there!


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